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George Wood

George Wood

Injectables Specialist

George Wood, Family Nurse Practitioner/Injectable Specialist

Bringing Wellness and Beauty Together

George Wood is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner with an extensive background in family medicine and emergency medicine, spanning over 7 years of practice. His passion for healthcare is driven by a desire to improve the lives of his patients, and he has honed his skills in various areas of medical expertise.

With a particular interest in sports and work injury rehabilitation, George has been a beacon of support for athletes and individuals recovering from injuries. His commitment to anti-aging and overall well-being led him to explore the realm of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT), providing patients with personalized hormone treatments to optimize their health.

In addition to his expertise in BHRT, George is well-versed in prolotherapy injections and trigger point injections, offering effective solutions for pain management and muscle-related issues. His dermatological proficiency extends to cryotherapy, the removal of cysts, skin lesions, tumors, and nail avulsions, ensuring comprehensive care for skin health.

Recently, George has delved into the world of aesthetics, achieving certification in botulin toxin and filler treatments from the esteemed Canadian Board of Aesthetics. This certification reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements and his dedication to enhancing his patients' natural beauty.

Beyond his medical pursuits, George is a highly active individual, boasting a background in competitive martial arts. His passion for physical fitness aligns with his holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of both internal and external well-being.

George's adventurous spirit extends beyond his medical practice; he enjoys traveling the world, embracing new cultures, and constantly expanding his skillset. With a unique blend of medical expertise, aesthetic sensibility, and a zest for life, George Wood is your trusted partner on your journey to health, wellness, and beauty.

ELEVATE YOUR BEAUTY  with treatments designed to refine your features while maintaining a natural, approachable look. The subtle enhancements align with the perfect ratio, making you more appealing even to the intuitive senses of children. By minimizing frown lines, individuals appear more open, potentially enhancing personal and professional confidence and success. This approach is grounded in psychological and aesthetic principles, resonating with the innate human preference for balanced, symmetrical facial features.


It’s more than just “treatments” — George provides an expert service that encompasses your entire aesthetic journey. He focuses on delivering a comprehensive, highly qualified service tailored to your unique needs. You’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your treatment, including follow-ups and any necessary adjustments, is handled by a seasoned professional.  Please note that the pricing reflects the entirety of this premium service, so requests for partial treatments or adjustments in pricing are not feasible. Choose George for a holistic approach to beauty, where your satisfaction and safety are his top priorities.



Revitalize Your Look with Customized Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

As a Licenced Practical Nurse, George offers top-tier Anti-Wrinkle Injectables. These quick, affordable treatments not only reduce existing wrinkles but also prevent new ones, ensuring a naturally rejuvenated appearance.


Proactive Wrinkle Management

Begin your journey to smoother skin before wrinkles deepen. Experience a proactive approach that delays the onset of future lines, preserving your youthful glow.


Energize and Refine Your Facial Features

Combat the tired look caused by age-related lines. The treatments relax these marks, reviving your face with a fresh, youthful vibrance. Additionally, George specializes in balancing and lifting facial areas, enhancing your inherent beauty and correcting asymmetries.


More Than Skin Deep

These services extend beyond aesthetics, addressing issues like excessive sweating in areas like underarms or palms.


State-of-the-Art Techniques and Experienced Medical Team

Using industry-leading injectable products, George ensures results that amplify your natural allure, guided by the latest safety protocols and technological advancements.


Understanding Wrinkles

Wrinkles, a natural aspect of aging, result from skin thinning, reduced elasticity, and environmental factors. These treatments effectively tackle these dynamic and static wrinkles.


Transparent Pricing

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Nuceiva®):

  • 20 units: $280
  • 40 units: $440
  • 55 units: $570
  • Hyperhidrosis (underarm/hands): $999
  • Additional units: $10/unit (minimum 20 units for add-ons) *Excluding GST


Facial Beautification for Youthful Radiance

Facial Beautifications enhance volume and symmetry, reflecting a youthful, natural aura.


Facial Beautification Pricing and Options (Teosyal®)

  • Signature fullness (1 syringe): $499
  • Facial Beautification (1 syringe): $700
  • 2 syringes: $1,300
  • 3 syringes: $1,700
  • Add-on Treatments: $600/syringe *Minimum 3 syringes, excluding GST

Transform with Lip Beautifications

Enhance your smile with customized Lip Beautifications, restoring fullness and shape.


Lip Beautification Pricing (Teosyal®)

  • Signature Fullness (1 syringe): $499
  • Lip Beautification (1 syringe): $700
  • 2 syringes: $1,300
  • 3 syringes: $1,700
  • Additional Boost: $600/syringe *Minimum 3 syringes, excluding GST


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