Beauty from the core


Junior Stylist

Christina is fairly new on her career path thus far. She began her journey in September 2018. She has proven to her peers that she is very talented and invested in being the absolute best stylist she can be. She is super easy going and loves to share a giggle. “Well it’s not really work when I get to visit and take care of friends each day and help them meet their hair care goals” – This is how Christina feels about her career. She is such a great listener, both to her clients and her peers who can share their knowledge with her. Christina is devoted to ever learning and growing and staying current. Her philosophy is “Never be satisfied” - - as in keep growing, keep improving. She brings this philosophy into all areas of her life. She aspires to be a person who effects others in a positive way and adds a little “happiness” to their day. When she’s not spending time with clients behind the chair, she is enjoying the great outdoors. Exploring new adventures outside “feels like home”, she says. Come meet Christina! It’ll be a pleasant experience!


Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist

Since 2012 Rowena has counted it a joy to be working in the Salon Industry. After completing her Stylist diploma at Vancouver Island University (VIU), she moved to Drayton Valley Alberta, and has worked full time as Hair Stylist ever since. Rowena has come to LOVE doing updo’s/formal styling. She loves this opportunity to personalize her creativity. Spending time with her family is a priority for Rowena — they’re the most important people in her life. She’s outgoing, bubbly and very pleasant to be around. “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about” (Marilyn Monroe) – this is Rowena’s philosophy as well. She admires kind hearted, caring people like Ellen Degeneres, and others like her, who give so much to needy people. Having clients jump for joy and give her big squeezing hugs for the service she provides to them – this is what makes her LOVE what she does! Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to meet her!


Hair Stylist

Lexie has always loved the beauty industry and has a creative flair for it. Her ambition is to continue on into the beauty industry as a full time Stylist. She has completed her apprenticing and is growing her clientele as a Junior Stylist and Makeup Artist. She is thoroughly enjoying it. She loves music and just enjoying the simple out-door life. Lexie is thrilled to see the bright smiling faces of Core clients visiting each day and always anticipates the beautiful transformations. Young, vibrant, and fun; Lexie is looking forward to growing her skills and knowledge to succeed in her life career.


Esthetician / Body Massage

Amy ventured into the Beauty Industry in 2017 for the first time after leaving a long busy career in business support.  Amy was seeking something more rewarding and feels she has found it in Esthetics, specializing in Body Therapy/Massage.  She knew she would definately enjoy making people smile and helping them “FEEL” better.  Once you meet Amy, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that she is a kind hearted mellow person, who will make your day.  She believes in treating people how you would want to be treated – because what goes around comes around.  One of her favorite experiences is having a client tell her, over the phone, that she could “hear” her smiling.  

Amy is very eager to grow a large faithful clientele, including you!


Senior Stylist

Erin first ventured into the Beauty Industry in 2005.  Since then she has so enjoyed building relationships with her clients, cheerfully embracing each challenge along the way.  Erin enjoys being presented with “new” ideas and conquering them, and then maybe finding a “niche” for future.  She strives to keep a good healthy balance between work and life, ensuring she can give her best self to both.  She’s a laid back, easy going gal who completely enjoys sitting around with friends laughing and enjoying a good “cup ‘o’ java”.  Erin gives a shout out to her Dad who exemplified the dedication to hard work, and supported her whole heartedly in her endeavours.

She’s looking to build a strong relationship with you!!


Master Esthetician/Microblading Tech/Lash Techech / Lash Tech

Core is so very happy to have Tara as part of our esthi team.  She has extensive knowledge and experience which is evident in all her services.  Tara is pretty quiet and mellow, but as you will find out in your visit with her, she is a sweetheart who cares about each and every client.  She gives her attention and best service to all clients, desiring to care for immediate needs and educate on future planning as you collaborate together.  Tara keeps busy with upgrading and branching out to increase the span of services she provides.  At this time she offers all esthetic services, microblading and lash extension services.  Be sure and book in advance to reserve time with Tara.


Esthetician / CMP - Certified Master Pedicurist

Laid back and easy going, Tasia believes in enjoying life to it’s fullest. She started in esthetics in 2010 and is proud to say that she feels it is a great accomplishment to thoroughly enjoy where she works, and her time with her clients. 

She likes the ability to be creative with eyebrows and is very pleased to give each client a great shaped brow. She has great feedback from clients for her brows and massages. Tasia particularly recalls one client commenting, “You have the ‘magic touch’.“ This is what she loves! 

She says she wishes she was Wonder Woman so she could be great at EVERYTHING. 

When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her camping or fishing (or both) – things she has enjoyed since she was a child.


Front Desk Coordinator-Office Assistant

Sarah is that friendly voice that you hear when you call Core with your booking requests and inquiries. She first started with us here at Core in April 2019. Sarah is a very disciplined committed gal who devoted herself to prepping for a career right out of high school – working part-time jobs as well in the meantime. She graduated the Administrative Assistant Program at CNC and Core was fortunate enough to have her join our team. Sarah is a definite asset to Core Salon and Spa. She is organized, creative, driven, thorough, friendly and committed to all our Core clients. One of her favorite pastimes is just being near or on the water. Something about it brings a sense of peace. Sarah admires a book character she once read about – a strong woman who was scarred/flawed in some ways, But yet loved and trusted herself to be her own hero. Discovering our own personal weaknesses and using them, and building upon them for good is something Sarah admires and tries to accomplish. We’re sure Sarah will be successful in whatever she pursues. Sarah loves customer service and she does it very well!! 😊


Owner / Salon Manager / Master Stylist

Leeann started training as a stylist in 1996. Since that time, she has worked at various salons in Prince George and also Ft. McMurray and has been an instructor. She has managed two salons prior to becoming an owner of Core Salon and Spa in 2011. Education is a priority for Leeann, thus she has travelled to many training seminars in the USA for upgrading, as well as attending huge stage shows for inspiration on the latest looks and trends. She has met several celebrities in the industry including Ken Paves, Robert Cromeans, Nick Arrojo, Kim Vo and others. Leeann loves her craft and is devoted to all her clients, ensuring a “wow” everytime. One of her favorite memories in her career was when she did such a beautiful style on a mature bride, that the bride was in tears. This is why she loves what she does. But, her heart belongs to her two dogs Sasha and Shelby. Her time with them is fulfilling and relaxing. Leeann dreams of meeting Caesar Milan someday. She has a positive, easygoing personality. Her motto is “Everything happens for a reason”.


Esthetician / Massage Specialist / Lash Tech

Since 2002, Michelle has gained much valuable experience in the Beauty/Client Care Industry. She is from South Africa and has travelled extensively from The Middle East, to Bahrain, to Saudi Arabia, to Zambia. She has experienced various Spa atmospheres – local spas to spa resorts to therapeutic centres. We are so blessed to have her on board here at Core. Michelle is a calm gentle soul with a warm beautiful smile and personality. She really enjoys Holistic Therapy, Skincare, and Massage/Body Treatments. She believes “You learn nothing from life if you believe you are right all the time!” - - which is an excellent motto. Every day is a chance to learn something new! And Michelle embraces that opportunity while watching webinars, training, etc. She particularly enjoys “Nerida Joy” (Professional Skin Care Specialist YouTuber). Michelle loves all her clients and her goal is to help them achieve amazing results every time. There have been a few “Special” clients that have been a true delight for her to service. 

She’s looking forward to meeting “YOU”!! :)


Owner / Salon Manager / Master Stylist

Hairstyling has been a big part of Laurie’s life. With over 20 years experience, she still gets a high from seeing her finished product. She takes a huge amount of pride in what she does. Being the best stylist possible is her life’s passion. For her, hair is an Art. It may take a few minutes to learn something, but a life-time devoted to master it. Laurie feels the initial seed of passion really began to flourish after attending International Hair Shows for education classes and stage shows. This is when she realized just what an amazing career she was part of. She has been all over the USA for these Hair Shows and Expos. Meeting Nick Arrojo was life changing for Laurie. She quickly identified with his passion for hair, and has learned so much from him. Her goal is to next visit “The Arrojo Academy” in New York. Laurie really listens to her clients. She loves the challenge and opportunity to be creative when it comes to coloring. One of her most memorable clients came to Laurie with a color she was displeased with. Laurie sat and consulted with the client and quickly realized the color was wrong in several ways for this client – due to skin color and tone. Many variables have to be considered when coloring hair. Laurie changed it up and completed a color correction. The client was amazed and completely blown away. This is what Laurie loves about her job! Family is vitally important to Laurie as well. She says spending time with Dennis, Kody and Brady keeps her grounded. But when she needs a good laugh – that would be with her two nutty sisters!


Esthetician / Nail Tech / Microblading Tech / Lash Tech

Celia is a very well rounded gal who will try to do almost anything. She looks at everything as a challenge and attempts to accomplish as much as possible. She started in cosmetics in 2005 and from there completed training in make-up, esthetics and nail technology. Celia has an attention to detail because of her artistic background – which she attributes to her Grandmother. She enjoys being creative with nails, and particularly enjoys having people recognize and request her from previous services. This is her desire and goal that she works toward. Her philosophy is “everything happens for a reason”. When things are meant to be, it all falls into place. And we are so happy that it fell into place in having Celia as part of our Core team.


Owner and General Manager

Lisa is so very pleased to be an owner of Core Salon and Spa. Prior to making her dream come true in 2011, she worked for RBC for 15 years. Lisa always had an interest in the beauty industry, and hoped to someday make it part of her career. The financial background is a great asset to now owning her own business. There are many challenges, but she feels they are all worth it when it’s what you love to do. She has always enjoyed working with the public and is thrilled to be able to provide something to a client that will make them feel better that day. Lisa believes in mutual respect between all people and tries to encourage this in her daily living. Her motto is “if you wouldn’t write it down and sign it, then don’t say it!” Positivity and encouragement makes the day and the world so much better. Lisa enjoys music and singing. She also loves to do things with her family – Dave, Devon and Lexie – like camping (and shopping with Lexie). Her next big goal is to bring “Nick Arrojo” to Prince George, because he is Core’s Hair Hero.